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Social Media continues to grow and evolve with sites like Twitter, as the entity founded very recently (in 2006) is currently in the top 10 most visited sites in the U.S.

Companies that get involved with massive social media trends see a growth in brand awareness, traffic, and customer interaction. But with over a billion people flooding social media, it becomes imperative that businesses have expert set up and maintenance of their social media accounts or they simply do not get noticed.

Twitter Brand Management

Over a half billion active users are on Twitter.
100,000 plus people sign up every day.
58 million tweets are tweeted daily (9,100 a second).
43% tweet from their mobile device.
40% don't tweet but read what others do.

MAXtech Agency will develop a Twitter campaign for your company that will get the attention of the "twittersphere", so consumers talk about and get engaged by the products and services of your business.

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