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We are a very visual society. We have all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that couldn't be more true than for social media. You want to give your customers something to look at, not just to read. You have mere seconds to grab their attention; in journalism they call this the hook and hold factor. But in social media, you don't necessarily even have to hold their attention - you just need to convey your message quickly, and effectively.

Sometimes you are informing your current or potential clients of your products and services, or how to contact you; sometimes you are simply conveying an impression of your brand image or brand message - a reinforcement of what they should think of when they think of you.

Tumblr was sold for over $1 billion for one major reason - it's VERY popular. After all, it's the biggest blogging platform on the planet, and gets over 8 billion page views a month. That's a lot of views!

If you own a company that sells products, Tumblr is the perfect space to prominently display all of that fantastic photography you spend so much money on. This is especially true of fashion designers or products with elaborately staged photo shoots. Shoes, clothes, purses, etc are perfect for Tumblr, and are already on it as we speak. Food pics on Tumblr are perfect for foodies, and nature or animal pics are perfect for those who admire nature or are animal lovers.

Of course there are many blogs to follow on Tumblr besides these, but it is the perfect space for beautiful shots of your products or services. But don't make the mistake of thinking you could just put some pictures up and run Tumblr yourself. It's not quite that simple.

Our SEO and social media specialists can enhance your account by optimizing images using keyword/keyphrase research to reach your target audience like never before. We also delve deeply into the analytics to find out what works and what doesn't. Finally, we maximize exposure to your target market to match your company's specific goals.

The bottom line? We know what works, and we make it work for you to make your business as successful as possible.

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