Pay Per Click Advertising Bing and Yahoo!

Yahoo! is one of the top most visited homepages and Bing continues to rise as it is now the number two search engine in terms of market share. The ability to connect with millions is not only now a plausible advertising scenario, but something your competitors are sure to capitalize on if your company's brand, image and message aren't appearing on the top search engines. MAXtech Agency can enhance your exposure through both Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Cost-Per-Thousand-Impression (CPM) advertising plans. And there is always complete transparency without markups from MAXtech Agency, as billing will come directly from the search engine companies themselves.

Once your account is set up, MAXtech Agency will continue to research relevant keywords, enhance content, and provide monthly reports to ensure your satisfaction. The consultants are ready to answer your questions.

Features & Benefits

Identify and target your primary market

Ad creation to your exact specifications

Monthly ad review and maintenance

Pay-Per-Click report every month

No hidden fees-Google and MAXtech bill directly

Ad optimization for geography, device, etc.

Only pay when the ads work

Total ad display (mobile, tablets, desktops, etc.)

Increase web traffic

Spread brand awareness

Google certified campaign managers

Pay Per Click advertising campaigns are available on different search engines.

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