Free SEO Tools: Optimizing Your Website

If you haven't already learned about Conversion Rate Optimization, now is the time to start. Testing different versions of your website is one of the easiest ways to maximize a website's ROI. Whether you are writing new content, using new pictures or chan [...]

Seeing the Future of Responsive Websites

  With a few months having passed since mobilegeddon, now is the time to start looking at the future of responsiveness in websites. Search engine results are now customized based on what device you use, but only to a certain extent. As search [...]

Improve Your Camera Phone for Cheap

Consumer Backlash after Apple Overhypes and Underdelivers at Conference  After the Apple conference earlier this week, the general consensus was, "Shame on you, Apple." The new Apple TV was basically a more expensive version of the Amazon Fire TV [...]

Your Next Social Media Channel

2015 will come to an end sooner than you think and if your company still doesn't have a presence on Social Media, to say you should "jump on the bandwagon" doesn't even apply anymore. You would have been jumping on the bandwagon circa 2011-12. Soci [...]

Let Mobile Apps Help Your Holiday Travel

The technology exists so there's no reason why you shouldn't let it help you in your daily life. Especially when it comes to traveling.   Holiday travel used to be a stress-fest, where families would cram into a van or a plane and hope to g [...]

Do you have an Email Marketing Strategy?

Email Marketing serves many purposes, depending on the type of your business and your target audience. You can promote upcoming events, send promotional offers and discounts, drive traffic to an online store or social media page and/or connect with prospe [...]

Why SEO and Marketing go Hand-in-Hand

In recent years, marketing departments have been rapidly expanding with technology. We have seen more focus on social media strategists, SEO specialists and content marketers than ever before, but some companies are approaching this incorrectly. When y [...]

Best Smartphone Plans September 2015

Raise your hand if you like hidden fees, access charges, extra line fees and paying more than what is advertised. Right, not a lot of people like to be shown one price, only to pay much more at checkout. Smartphones, cellular devices and mobile carri [...]

Web Security-What You Need to Know

It's to the point where people don't have to wonder what might happen-it's already been occurring. Target was hacked and the credit card numbers of thousands of customers were compromised. Blacklisted servers, URLs being punished by search engines, fi [...]

Mobile vs Responsive-Know the Difference

With Google's latest algorithm change that targeted sites that weren't mobile-friendly, many companies began quickly scrambling to figure out if they would be affected. If you do not have a responsive or mobile-friendly website, you will be directl [...]

New Benefits of Pinterest for Businesses

[caption id="attachment_1012" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Picture via Pinterest[/caption] Pinterest, which has become one of the most popular visual bookmarking sites on the Web, was launched just over 5 years ago in 2010. Its users love Pinte [...]

Why Email Marketing is Important

At the bottom of every major business' website, you see a button asking you to "Subscribe to Our Newsletter," but have you ever wondered why that button exists? The truth is that the most successful companies use email marketing to drive sales and custome [...]

Google's "DeepDream" Taking Over Internet

Google is always up to something. That's how you stay the world's largest search engine and a billion dollar corporation. They are constantly innovating and changing the way we see the Internet. Now, without going into the ethics behind the practices of G [...]

Free SEO Tools: Analyzing your Backlinks

In the world of SEO, it's very important that your website acquires healthy backlinks. At Thoughtwire, these link-building strategies are referred to as off-site SEO. They have the power to help or harm your website's search engine ranking. Some ba [...]

What's Trending on Facebook in 2015?

This report looks at Facebook trends for the top 100 brands in the first quarter of 2015 Social analytics and marketing company, Simply Measured, just released their 2015 Facebook Industry Report where they discussed verticals and typ [...]

Google Steps Up Mobile App Indexing Efforts

When Google made announcements regarding mobile-friendly search, most people (including us) focused on what this meant for websites that aren't Responsive. An under-looked part of that announcement was that Google would start crawling mobile apps and [...]

Controlling Online Reviews

You don't need an in-depth study or 100-page analysis to tell you that people use reviews to help them make purchasing decisions. Just ask yourself, have you ever read a hotel review, restaurant recap or noticed the amount of "stars" next to certain e [...]

Google Algorithm Change for May 2015

If Your Website Hasn't Adapted, Your Ranking Will Drop No one in the search engine optimization (SEO) world was surprised that Google, once again, changed their search algorithm. Earlier this month rankings and signals began changing, which lead us to [...]

Bing is Going Mobile-Friendly

Following Google's lead, Bing Announces Their Own Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Yesterday, Microsoft's search engine Bing announced that they will release their own version of mobile-friendly ranking signals in the coming months. In case you missed it, G [...]

Tracking your Meta Data

What if you were told that with a simple click, someone could predict exactly what you were going to do today? Where you will eat, the route or commute path you will choose, when you will buy gas, the stores you will most likely stop at and other personal [...]

Test Your Website Now for Algorithm Change

Well, it finally happened. Google has official rolled out their new, mobile-friendly algorithm. Basically, if you don't have a website that is Responsive or mobile-friendly, then you will appear very low on search. Companies large and small are scrambl [...]

The Mobile Marketing Boom

  In case you haven't noticed, mobile marketing is at an all-time high, reaching you wherever you are - and wherever your customers are. Say you're listening to your favorite Pandora station, you've likely heard ads there, and seen the pop ups [...]

Should you have a Responsive Website?

  If you've followed our blog for any length of time, you'll quickly see that we are big fans of responsive websites, and for good reason. Here we'll lay out the facts, and the difference between having a mobile website and having a responsiv [...]

It's Time to be Mobile-Friendly

If your website still isn't mobile-friendly, there are several reasons to make the change In February, Google announced on their Webmaster Central Blog that they would be making two new changes to their search algorithm. One of these changes will be a [...]

The latest Facebook news

There are a lot of changes going on at any given moment in the social and digital world, and we like to keep you updated as we discover them - to keep you up to date and aware for your future campaigns and endeavors. Today's news is all about Faceb [...]

March Madness for Marketers

How your brand can leverage live events to sell products and services In the information-obsessed world we live in, popular events, news stories and trends don't occur anymore without the commentary of millions on Social Media. Whether it's The Super [...]

3 Tips for Using Hashtags Properly

We've all seen those Instagram and Facebook posts littered with hashtags for days. And of course the tweets that are barely readable due to so many mentions and hashtags. So you may be wondering, how many is too many? Is there a golden rule when it comes [...]

Google Keeps Getting Scarier

Secret Barges and Offshore Facilities  There once was a company that helped you find things on the Internet. They accomplished this via a very efficient and easily updatable search engine. Like Kleenex and Xerox before them, to search for something onli [...]

New Search Changes-What You Need to Know

The biggest event in search this month was the SMX West convention where industry leaders came together to discuss the future of search. Why is search so important? How big has search become? Well, in 2012, Google was crawling 20 billion websites a day [...]

Understanding Facebook Insights

Using Facebook Insights in determining when to post and what types of posts get the most engagement If you manage a company or brand on Facebook, you have likely noticed that Facebook Insights is a very helpful tool. With so many other social analytics m [...]

Tips for Selecting the Perfect URL

Google just outbid Amazon and the world for exclusive rights and ownership to the top-level domain ".app." Dot app only cost $25 million. There was a time that you only had to worry about what came before ".com." Now, as the Internet exponentially grow [...]

SEO Tips for Bloggers

Blogs can be an invaluable asset to companies of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're a Fortune 500 company or a stay-at-home mom trying to sell knitted scarfs, a well-done blog provides a better user-experience for your customers and helps your business [...]

The Importance of Socially Engaged Employees

We're roughly two days away from 2015. For many people, a new year signifies new beginnings! If your company, brand, or business has a social media presence and your employees are not your main brand ambassadors, you have found yourself a new years resol [...]

Predicting Marketing Trends in 2015

At Thoughtwire, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest Google algorithm changes, social media trends, and overall marketing strategies. To continue to successfully act as a voice for our clients, promote them, and grow their respective busin [...]

2014 Mobile Year in Review, Part 2:

If you missed Part 1, click here to read about four big strides mobile took in 2014 and some predictions heading into 2015. In Part 2, we will cover mobile as it related to social media in the past year. Mobile > Desktop 2014 was the year where socia [...]

2014 Mobile Year in Review, Part 1:

The Increased Integration of Mobile in 2014 and Looking Ahead to 2015 The mobile world achieved a lot in 2014. As the technology improved and user-friendliness and popularity soared, brands got in on the action in a big way. The Preferred Media The exp [...]

Another Google Algorithm Update

Keeping up with Google and Staying Ahead of your Competition in Search   In order to appear ahead of your competition and to be seen high on the first page of the search results page, you need search engine optimization (SEO). The key to amaz [...]

Learn to Code for Free

As the digital universe continues to grow, the more you know the better off you will be and the easier it will be for your company to be elite. That's one of the reason MAXtech Agency was created-to make sure you have the absolute best digital support [...]

Social Media 101 for Dummies: 3 Tips

As the year winds down and you plan your online marketing campaigns for 2015, you may think you know everything there is to know about social media. Or, you may be a beginner who just doesn't get the value of it - and who doesn't have time to even che [...]

Browser Wars

If you are reading this right now, then you have accessed the content through the Internet. But as many of you know, you need a web browser to get to different websites to see the content. It's the same for conducting a search. Most Internet users [...]

Do Social Conversations Drive Sales?

  You are told constantly that social media is an essential part in marketing your business and growing your brand. However, many businesses give it a shot and have no success. This often leads to the question, do social conversations really d [...]

Holiday Shopping Sales Down from 2013

Don't fret too much; corporate retailers that participated in the holiday shopping weekend aren't going out of business. According to ShopperTrak, U.S. shoppers spent over 9 billion at stores on Black Friday. That number, however, was a 7 percent decr [...]

How Much to Pay for SEO

[caption id="attachment_469" align="alignnone" width="800"] Image via Alexis Wilke[/caption] It's no longer a debate as to whether or not you need search engine optimization (SEO). 75 percent of users never go past the first page on search and there ar [...]

Online Holiday Shopping Statistics

Thanksgiving is one week from today! Too much food, football, spending time with family, and now, online shopping will have their place in many American homes. While we all think of Black Friday as the biggest shopping day of the year, Thanksgiving day [...]

3 ways to use Google+ to assist SEO efforts

If you want to increase your search rankings for your website, and you've already optimized your site - you may still be missing one final piece of the SEO puzzle: Google+. More specifically, a Google+ business page. Google+, if used effectively, ca [...]

Crafting the Perfect Mobile Promotion

  According to a report by Mobile Marketer, the use of mobile-only promotions as a marketing strategy is declining while omni-channel promotions are gaining ground. The growing trend of omni-channel strategies use mobile alongside desktop a [...]

Tips for Cyber Monday

If you have goals to increase profits, spread your brand awareness and to reach current and potential customers, then Cyber Monday should be a big deal to your company. Cyber Monday was created as a supplement to Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping [...]

Mobile-Friendly Websites Are Not Optional

The Increase in Mobile Usage, Google's Recommendations, and the Rise in Technology Make Having a Mobile Website More Important than Ever Web designer, speaker, writer, and marketing consultant Brad Frost probably put it best when he said, "Mobile use [...]

Reminder: SEO Still Extremely Important

Even the Biggest Social Platforms Use SEO With the rise in mobile apps and the continuing success of social media platforms (not just in the U.S., but globally), business owners and marketing managers have begun wondering about the value of search engine [...]

Net Neutrality-What You Need to Know

When the President of the United States makes a public address and plea to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to make tougher regulations on something, you know it's a big issue. And that's just what President Obama did Monday when he urged t [...]

Does Your Website Need Re-Designed?

If any of these 5 features are still on your website, it's time to consider a new one. Think of your website as the face of your business. While there are many aspects to consider when creating a website-usability, SEO, domain name, hosting, etc.-design [...]

Digital Management from MAXtech Agency

If you own a website, there are many ongoing aspects to the site that need to be maintained, updated, tweaked and improved upon to ensure you are offering your customers the best possible user experience (UX). A good UX will continue to drive traffic to y [...]

How to Fix Bad Online Reviews

It's a very helpless feeling when you read a negative post or a review online about your products and services. Some of what appears on the Internet isn't even true or has been placed there purposely by a competitor. The first step is accepting the re [...]

Experts weigh in: 2015 PPC Predictions

PPC should already be a part of your online marketing strategy; it's long been an integral part of the online toolbox for many companies - including your competitors. If it's not, contact us today. If it is, you already know how important it is to [...]

Search with Emoji-The End is Near

Every now and again you'll hear the phrase, "A sign of the apocalypse." Well, here it is again. The search engine Bing recently announced that emoji characters can now be used in place of and along with words/letters in organic search. (Thousands of 12 [...]

Black Friday Deals Start Today

As one of the industry leaders in digital technology, MAXtech Agency, LLC, is able to use their industry connections to stay abreast of the latest Google algorithm changes, operating system upgrades and when hot new deals are available but the public does [...]


If you don't want to be found, there's no purpose behind your website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an endless and ongoing process because the algorithms change almost weekly. Here are some quick tips to ensure you have a high ranking and are appea [...]

SEO Equals Profit for Your Business

On paper, it sounds pretty straightforward: there are hundreds of little things that can be done both on and off of your website to make you appear high on the search engine results page (SERP). [caption id="attachment_409" align="alignnone" width="300 [...]

Facebook Will Auto-Generate Typos

Anyone involved with social media management or digital marketing should be aware of a glitch in the Facebook (FB) algorithm that can create typos in your content. Here's how it works (or doesn't): let's say you regularly share content on FB. It doesn' [...]

Use Apple Pay Starting Today

It's finally here-Apple's answer to all of your digital payment needs. Or so they claim. Today is the official release date of Apple Pay, a "breakthrough contactless payment technology and unique security features built right into the devices you h [...]

Holiday Marketing Tips

The holidays are approaching. From a selling and marketing perspective, there is no better time of year. The downside of that, however, is you are competing against thousands of other companies that are trying to grab the holiday shopping dollar. Here are [...]

Addicted to Google Glass?

The jury is still out on Google Glass in terms of how effective it really is and how much it annoys other people around the person wearing the device, but one thing is for sure, a lot of owners love the product. So much so that it is causing addiction iss [...]

Marketing, McDonalds and the Truth

It's a game being played by millions of Americans, and believe it or not, they aren't participating on their smartphones and/or mobile devices. It's McDonald's adaptation of the classic Parker Brothers' game, "Monopoly," where people can eat and play simu [...]

How's Your Digital Marketing?

If you ask most marketing managers about the state of their company's digital presence, they will tell you that they have a strong hold on current trends and an even stronger hold on what practices will be used in the future. [caption id="attachment_38 [...]

Shopping Online to Get Even Bigger

It simply cannot be stressed enough: if you don't have a website that appears ahead of your competition in search, you are missing out on an ever-increasing profit line. People love shopping, browsing and doing product research online. If they can' [...]

Rejoice! Page Rank is Over

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists around the globe are celebrating the death of the PageRank, as announced by Google's John Mueller from Switzerland. "We are probably not going to be updating it [PageRank] going forward, at least in the Tool [...]

Bing Gaining Ground with Full Lyric Display

A lot of people like to root for the underdog. It just makes for a better story. But in the land of search engines, the lower rated crawler is there for a reason. That is to say, a good reason the majority of humans use Google is because it simply display [...]

Taxes, Education and You

Death and taxes, blah, blah, blah. Since there are required "living-here fees," aka taxes, in the United States, ideally, we would like to have a say in where every penny of our tax dollars are spent. That, however, is nearly impossible to do if anything [...]

Shellshock Bash is Serious Threat to Security

Less than a year ago, the digital world was turned upside down with the Heartbleed bug, which exposed critical business information for companies all over the world. It affected the everyday user as well, just without the billion dollar price tag associat [...]

Our Dependence on Technology

It seems like every week there is a new app or technological advancement that will help us humans, drive, eat, exercise, sleep and everything in between. Now, this isn't some old timer's rant about how it was up hill both ways to school in the snow when I [...]

YouTube Becoming More Advanced

You probably have heard of search engine optimization (SEO) before, right? It's the process of optimizing your website so it is found easier by the web crawlers and you site appears high on the search engine results page (SERP). But what you may not know [...]

Huge Improvements to Banner Ads

A successful platform just got a whole lot better. For the unfamiliar, Mobile Banner Ads are display advertisements that scroll across a user's mobile device, so when someone is online, your ad appears as they surf. Before the upgrades to the system, y [...]

Personal Privacy Online? Not Anymore

Just understand that we are at a technological point where when you digitally "connect" with or to anything, go ahead and assume that action is being monitored, recorded and used for marketing purposes. Sound like another crackpot conspiracy theory? Well [...]

Germany Asking for Google's Secret Sauce

Imagine you start a restaurant. Your dining establishment grows into one of the biggest and most popular restaurants in the world. Your growth is directly related to one specific dish, that everyone loves to consume. Then imagine a court ordering you to b [...]

Misleading Ad? Pay a Fine

Have you ever seen, listened to or read an advertisement and thought to yourself, "Now wait a minute, that sounds a little too great to be real?" Well as the expression goes, if something is too good to be true, chances are it is. The Federal Trade Com [...]

When Marketers Go Too Far

It's a day after September 11, the anniversary of when thousands of Americans lost their lives through a horrific tragedy. But that fact was lost on a lot of advertisers, big corporations and marketers who wanted to use the date as a means to spread their [...]

Bing Joining the Spam Fight

Better late than never. Well, I guess that's not entirely fair-Bing has been fighting spam for awhile, but perhaps in not the most effective manner. Now, a new change has already affected three percent of search queries. The new Bing anti-spam plan [...]

What's Your Upgrade Worth?

When the latest version of something comes out, most people want it. It doesn't matter if it's a new brake pad or the latest smartphone, the desire exists. But in terms of technology, there seems to be a new model unveiled every other month. Take A [...]

Don't Mess with Getty Images

Anyone who has spent time in the world of journalism, marketing or advertising, has probably come across a "Getty Image." Basically, Getty is a producer and provider of all kinds of images, including video, text and multimedia. If it is a "Getty Image, [...]

Make the NFL Market for You

Even though no one owns the NFL, the entity itself makes billions of dollars every year. With that in mind, there's no reason why you shouldn't be getting a piece of the marketing pie as well. [caption id="attachment_319" align="alignnone" width="300"] [...]

Think Before You Take Pics/Vids of Yourself

This past weekend was another painful reminder about how personal and private information can very quickly become neither. Most Internet surfers or social media users have come across the story about how 100 celebrities were hacked, and nude and embarrass [...]

Google Kills Its Own Experiment

The days of Google Authorship have finally come to an end. The concept started as a way to show you the face and identity behind the content you were reading online. But then users starting clicking on the pretty faces instead of the paid ads, and that's [...]

Blurry Screen? It Might be your Eye

70% of people have reported seeing small, worm-like specs floating in their field of vision. Have you ever noticed one? The floaters/squiggly lines/cobwebs can appear out of nowhere, and device users should be aware of their existence. Let's start [...]

Bing Fights On

Just because search is dominated by Google doesn't mean other companies and web crawlers are giving up and conceding the digital empire. Bing is the perfect example of the little search engine that could. Currently, new interfaces and search engine [...]

User Experience Focus of Mobile Search

Almost everyone is aware of how dominant mobile devices have become for accessing and browsing the Internet. There are tons of stats that show the growth, user numbers and influence of the mobile machine. But everyone is well aware by now-mostly because t [...]

"Spanglish" Now OK on Search

Have you ever tried to communicate with another person whose first language isn't English? (This isn't an immigration blog and we're not going down that path.) Whether you are trying to complete a business deal, increase your friendship or have just been [...]

Spotting Fake Online Profiles

What's this, a new friend request? Oh, he or she looks attractive and/or successful; maybe I should accept the request, right? The easy answer is, no, if you don't really know the person, don't accept any social media invitations to connect, join a cir [...]

Google's Secret Facility

Never start an article with a quote, the rules of writing say. "Since 2004, Google has of course made a range of big bets…and recently, many of the amazing long-term projects Google[x] is pursuing," wrote Google's head of search Amit Singhal on his + [...]

Search Alliance

In the 1980s, when you wanted to make a photocopy of something, it was very common for someone to say, "Xerox it." It was the same if you need to blow your nose. People would say, "Please pass me a Kleenex." In 2014, that same concept of using a brand nam [...]

Top Digital Scams to Avoid

We've always wondered if a conman added up his/her time-all the planning, research, set up, etc., it takes to scam someone, if you couldn't probably make more money honestly with the same insight and effort? But alas, here we are. And the scams keep-a-com [...]

Twitch & Timehop-What You Need to Know

Updating You on the Latest Apps and Social Trends It's not just the Millennials that should be up to date on the latest Internet tech crazes and trends and explosions-you should be too. And right now, nothing is growing faster than and Timeho [...]

Secret Military Bases Revealed on Google Maps

Really, I'm not sure how this hasn't become a bigger issue sooner. So the big time digital map makers like Bing and Google have been taking pictures, in the form of street view car cams, satellite images and topo maps, and combining them all on one platfo [...]

Cyber Attacks Grow as a Result of Gaza

It's been a solid decade of conflict surrounding the small area known as the Gaza Strip. But the fighting isn't just happening in the streets-hackers and cyber criminals are taking a side as well. According to a recently released report by the Arbor Ne [...]

Want to the See Dark Side of the Moon?

Sorry Pink Floyd fans, we're talking about the real moon and its real "dark side." Couple of things that need clearing up before we continue so everyone is on the same page. One, the moon rotates. Contrary to what many believe, the Earth's gravitational p [...]

Google More Focused on Mobile

The headline isn't a shocker-billions of mobile devices are used worldwide by billions of people. Try posting a video to YouTube that's not mobile-friendly and see if you can get more than 20 views. But in the age of mobile dominance, it's not about reali [...]

4 Quick Internet Security Tips

Because you clicked on and are now reading this blog, we now have access to your webcam. The indicator light isn't on, but the camera is, and you are being recorded. Sound insane? Although Thoughtwire would never hack into your personal computing device, [...]

Your Online Reputation

How consumers see your brand online makes a big difference in terms of where they will shop and what they will buy. It doesn't take much for a company to get their name stained, and as a result, lose traffic, leads and sales. [caption id="attachment_24 [...]

Mobile and Your Business

There are billions of smartphones and accessing the Internet through a mobile device is the preferred method. Most consumers and business owners are aware of mobile dominance, it's just a matter of making sure your company is doing everything it can to ap [...]

House of Lords Sides with Google

Just when it seemed like all of Europe was on the same page, a wrench was thrown into the plan. It all revolves around the "right to be forgotten." Let's back up. [caption id="attachment_242" align="alignnone" width="258"] House of Lords still thinks i [...]

Google Must Pay Display Tax in Spain

Here's a debate and let us know what side you are on: 1) Google displays news information from millions of sources, reaps all the benefits, but is not required, but law, to give anything back in return, such as funds or services. Or 2) Google simply shows [...]

Go to the Stadium From Your Couch

It's getting harder and harder to attend live sporting events. Or at least this tirade is pretty popular on the afternoon drive sports radio show: "I can't go to the game. The tickets are so expensive because we pay the players so much and constantly buil [...]

Another Algorithm Change

Thank goodness, it had been over two months-we were starting to get worried about you, Google. But fear not, Google has once again updated its algorithm to enhance search and confuse users (at least in the description). [caption id="attachment_231" ali [...]

Hackers Being Paid By Computer Companies

"Hack the planet!" was the mantra from the 90s movie, Hackers, where a group of "misunderstood" youngsters banded together to fight corporate greed, lying and theft. Although quite the entertaining film, real hackers come in all shapes and sizes and are m [...]

Future of Mobile Ads

Accessing the Internet is being completely taken over by mobile devices. They are cheaper than laptops and desktops, more portable and apps have managed to fill whatever gap remained in the area between the front lobe and the rear cortex. [caption id=" [...]

New comScore Stats Show State of Search

Every month around this time, digital marketers and search engine optimization (SEO) gurus huddle around computers and mobile devices eagerly awaiting the release of the new comScore digital statistics. Let's back up…comScore self defines itself [...]

Hummingbird Almost a Year Later

In September of 2013, the SEO world was running around setting offices on fire, burning desktops and charging the outer walls of the Google, Inc., headquarters with pitchforks and torches. Why? Because SEO-ers and social media strategists were going to ha [...]

Search and School Rankings Come Together

Couple of rants about education before we get started: there's no point in being nationalistic, patriotic or fly an American flag if you're not concerned about how the future generations are being educated. Without grown up humans living within a b [...]

How Malware Almost Took Over NASDAQ

No one likes malware. For the normal Internet browser, malware can come in many different forms and affect many different areas of personal computing. Basically, malware is any malicious software where its whole purpose is to disrupt, destroy, steal or co [...]

Remember the Early Web?

[caption id="attachment_204" align="alignnone" width="300"] The World Wide Web (WWW or W3) has changed a lot over the past 20 years. Some similarities remain though.[/caption] If you showed anyone under the age of 18 a 1990's website interface, it woul [...]

Brands Matter-Ask LeBron

The entire basketball world has come to a halt this week as four-time NBA MVP LeBron James decides hit future in terms of what city's team he will be joining. Most of the experts and pundits have concluded his choice is down to two places: Cleveland or Mi [...]

Word of Mouth Advertising is Dead

Or at least it could be argued that it has evolved to a point that it is unrecognizable in its current format. Here's how it used to work: before mobile devices completely changed how consumers found information, shopped and communicated, if you wanted to [...]

2014 World Cup Numbers--Winners & Losers

After today's semi-final match between Messi's Argentina and Robben's Netherlands, there will only be two games left in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The third place game doesn't quite hold much value so really, it's down to the ever-sought-after final. To hol [...]

You Have No Internet Privacy

This is simply a public service announcement: everything you send, share, post, like, email and/put on the Internet may be recorded and used at a later date. Oh, everyone understands and knows that, right? Do you do online banking? Have you ever sent a me [...]

Google Not Allowing Adult Ads

Online advertising has the greatest growth and potential. Compare it to a billboard-no matter how big the sign, you can only reach a certain number of people and they have to be near the sign itself. With the Internet, you have social media, app, website, [...]

What's the Deep Web?

What if you were told that the majority of the World Wide Web was never seen or accessed by most computer users? Think of it like the surface of the ocean-seemingly endless, but compared to the depth and real volume of the ocean, the top is hardly a puddl [...]

Love is Blooming Online

How quickly things change over a decade. 10 years ago, if you told someone you were "dating online" or that you met someone on the Internet, friends would raise red flags and you yourself wouldn't even know with what you were getting yourself involved. No [...]

Advertising in Your Free Space

Where's the line? How much are you willing to compromise? Within the digital landscape, consumers use hundreds of free services, including: apps, programs, websites, social platforms and more. Although there is never a direct charge to your bank account, [...]

Search Engines Violating Copyright?

Here's an argument to consider: you're a content publisher and you recently wrote a description of a product or service, posted it on a site and were compensated for your services. Then another company comes along, and charges people money, either in the [...]

Fake Profiles-How to be Safe Online

A new friend request appears on your Facebook account. Wait, who is this? No mutual friends, he/she doesn't look familiar and is not from your city or state. But the picture is inviting-it's either an attractive person smiling or a grandparent with grandk [...]

How's the Service? Yelp Let's You Ask Now

Millions of users log on to the Internet to find recommendations, reviews, critics, likes, etc., from their fellow consumers about products and services they have an interest in participating with or procuring. This is the way word of mouth works for Mill [...]

Keeping Up With Google

It seems like every other day search engine optimization (SEO) specialists are trying to deal with another search algorithm change, tweak, overhaul or extinction. It usually happens like this: Google gets a new idea and tests it through a special and sele [...]

Google Continues to Battle Payday Loan Spam

Hey, you there! You probably need a loan, right? Come on, let's go buy something. If not something completely new, let's upgrade you current model. Don't worry about the interest rate, how much my employees are being paid or if we've ever been bailed out [...]

Courts Rule Against Google, But Not in U.S.

Sorry Americans, you do not have the "Right to be Forgotten." Yet, anyway. [caption id="attachment_123" align="alignnone" width="210"] Google's playing hide and seek with your identity.[/caption] Let's start from the beginning. European Union courts [...]

Google Trying to Prepare for World Cup

It is the biggest event on the planet. Notice that no adjectives were placed before "event." The 2014 FIFA World Cup can't be classified or qualified-every four years the planet stops in celebration of a tournament that has been known to topple empires an [...]

Get Your Photo Seen By Millions

It's the mother of all photo contests. The search engine Bing, to celebrate its 5-year anniversary of existence, is once again letting the user dictate the content of its homepage via competition. [caption id="attachment_112" align="alignnone" width="3 [...]

The Fun Side of Search

The world of search engine optimization (SEO) can be a bit boring at times (to put it nicely)-constantly studying and staying up-to-date on algorithm changes, monitoring front and back end processes on websites, adding new technology and innovation to app [...]

Your Search Privacy

It's not like anyone does anything on the Internet desiring total privacy. Actions they would never admit to let alone want tracked and recorded. From personal/family information, banking data and logins, to passwords, alarm codes, etc., it doesn't matter [...]

Trying to Monopolize Search

Google is the most used search engine with 11.9 billion monthly searches, beating out Yahoo!, Bing, Safari, etc. Google's rise to the top is mainly because they have continued to provide the best search results through their advanced algorithms that are c [...]

Reality Apps the Future of Advertising?

There used to be a clear line between the real physical world and the technology of "virtual reality." But engineers and developers have been trying to merge the two realms for some time. Every other futuristic movie has some fusion of mind, body and tech [...]

Time Travel with Google Maps

It's hard to decide with what cliché to open-if we don't learn from history we are destined to repeat it, something about a flux capacitor or maybe an hourglass analogy about the sands of time. Either way, humans have been fascinated by time and history, [...]

What Heartbleed Taught Us About Security

Or perhaps, the lack thereof. For the unfamiliar, the "Heartbleed Bug" was a piece of code that computer hackers could use to eavesdrop on private communications across multiple platforms. Conspiracy theorists have been talking about a "tracking in [...]

Advertisers Continuing Desperate Measures

News magazines' newsstand sales have seen a steady decline since 2008 (from '08 to '13, Time Magazine alone went from nearly 120,000 to 60,000), cable TV news audiences have declined since 2009 and believe it or not, Facebook is now one of the top avenues [...]

Yellow Pages Continues to Grow Online

For decades, consumers have been looking for a viable alternative in the digital world for the print yellow pages they grew up using. People want reliable local business information that is displayed in a very clear and concise manner. The transiti [...]

Mobile Takeover-How to be Prepared

The rise of the mobile machine is here, not going anywhere and will soon completely take over. What will it control? How we search, view the Internet, advertising, marketing, how we communicate and it will even force us to reevaluate our relationship with [...]

Value of Establishing Authorship

A lot of people wonder, how do I get my picture to appear beside the search results for articles, content and websites with which I'm associated? The answer is establishing authorship and publisher credentials for your website and for the content you crea [...]