Our Dependence on Technology

It seems like every week there is a new app or technological advancement that will help us humans, drive, eat, exercise, sleep and everything in between. Now, this isn't some old timer's rant about how it was up hill both ways to school in the snow when I was young, and blah, blah, blah.

We support any safe technology that will let people work and live better and more comfortably. But with those advancements, people need to remember not to forget. That is to say, for example, turn by turn navigation is really convenient, but don't forget how to look at and read a physical map.

A good example of new-age dependency is MapQuest's latest app called, "Commute."

"Just as the name suggests, it's a stand-alone app intended to help drivers manage and optimize their daily driving to and from work," reported Greg Sterling.

Sounds like a neat app that could help people reach their destinations more quickly and efficiently. But after a decade, if the app were to fail, then what would people do? Why is it so hard to look at a map and study and understand traffic flow, even in the biggest of cities? How did people manage to find the best ways to work before smartphones?

Implementing tech into your routine is perfectly fine; just don't be the person that can't find Main Street without assistance.

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