Counterpoint: The Significance of the Apple Event

Apple Event


Apple CEO Tim Cook took a stage in Cupertino, CA, yesterday morning with the promise of "monster" announcements. Whether or not that promise was fulfilled depends on your perspective. Many bloggers, including one of our own, were disappointed and underwhelmed by Apple's announcements.

I'll concede that many Apple products are overpriced and their functionality isn't always as original as their cheaper competitors. Apple is obviously a massive corporation where profit-motive drives every move. Same with Android, Amazon, Google, Verizon, Microsoft and any other tech giant of 2015.

However, since 2007 when the original iPhone was introduced by Steve Jobs, Apple has helped fundamentally change the way people interact with their mobile devices. Was this change coming anyway? Probably, but Apple has been on the forefront of mobile technology for nearly a decade.

So what impactful changes did they announce this year?

iPad Pro

Apple's new iPad Pro is nearly 13 inches, yet weighing only 1.57 pounds. It's slim, but high-powered and should appeal more to business people and designers with new stylus and keyboard options. Its display size and resolution are greater than any other tablet currently on the market.

Apple TV

Its competitors, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Chromecast are available for $99, $99 and $35, respectively. Apple's 32GB version of the new Apple TV will be available for $149 and the 64GB for $199.

The new Apple TV remote features Siri and a pretty cool swipe pad. However, Apple is asking people to pay $50-100 more for a product that may only be slightly better than the competition. People will pay, in large part because while the hardware isn't vastly superior, it functions well with the iPhone and more app developers will jump on board with the Apple TV than say, Amazon's Fire TV.

iPhone 6S

It was unusual for Apple to release a new model just a year after their most recent release. What's new? A glass that is supposedly stronger than the previous generation, a rose gold option (try to contain your excitement) and of course, a better camera.

While I certainly won't be lining up for the new iPhone, the 3D Touch feature is significant. While it may be confusing to moms and dads, I have a feeling it will be a norm within the next couple years. Basically, it allows your iPhone to detect how hard you press the screen. You'll be able to preview messages and links and once app developers get a chance to utilize it more, it could change the way games are played on mobile devices and ultimately change the way we interact with our phones.

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