Black Hat SEO-A Review

There's a bit of confusion in the SEO world (after yet another algorithm change from Google, dubbed "Pigeon") as to what exactly is White Hat SEO and what is Black Hat SEO. Basically, everyone wants to know with what they can get away.

For starters, the seo agency in chennai Pigeon update was mostly focused on local search results. So if your main concern is beyond having your phone number and address correctly displayed, Pigeon isn't going to affect you that much. It's all about the source. If your site provides any kind of information, and that info is pulled from a third party, it better be legit, is the crux of Pigeon.

From where did it come, that's the question you need to ask yourself with every SEO action you implement on your website.

"Over the weekend, Google has sent out mass link penalty notifications throughout Europe for those sites partaking in specific link seo experts in tirunelveli networks with the goal of manipulating their rankings in Google," reported Barry Schwartz.

Black Hat is any practice outlawed by the search engines. It's that simple. They have a list. Don't back link, link build, link spam (see a pattern?) and try to trick the crawlers. You will be found if your site has amazing content that is backed by White Hat SEO.

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