Browser Market Share – Which Browser Is Most Popular?

Wondering what the most popular web browsers are and whether or not you should switch to one of them (if you aren't already using one)? We have details about the current browser market.

As of 2018, Google Chrome is by far the most used web browser with over 60% of the market share. Safari is in a distant second place with nearly 13% of the market share. Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge takes third place with 6.8% of the market share, Firefox is in fourth place with 6.1%, and Opera is way back in fifth place with 2.8%.

So which one should you download? It depends on your personal or work needs. All the previously mentioned browsers have custom extensions, a download manager, private browsing, and Cloud sync capabilities.

Which browser you use might also depend on what operating system you are using. According to a 2016 ZDNet article, Windows users tend to use Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, while Mac users will mostly use Safari (as it comes loaded on Mac devices), Google Chrome, or Firefox. Overall, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are the most compatible browsers between operating systems.

If you’re having trouble deciding or don’t know where to start, you could experiment and download all of them! Whichever browser provides the most useful features for you can be set as the default browser, and you can uninstall or use the other browsers at your discretion.

No matter what browser you use, it's important to keep it updated (i.e., always using the most recent version) and follow these security tips. Ensure that the security settings for your browser are more than enough for the activity you'll be conducting online. Don't save passwords and usernames that allow for access to personal information. Sign up for automatic security alerts so you'll know immediately when there is a problem with your browser. Also, make sure to have security plug-ins and anti-virus software installed.

If you have any questions about what browser would work best for your workplace, or questions about browser security or other security issues, please contact MAXtech. You can call us at 614-401-8800, or submit a form on our Contact Us page.

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