A New Look at Social Media Advertising

Anytime billions of people are sharing, interacting, liking, posting and more on any platform, advertising will flood the market. It's the natural progression when companies want to increase sales and grow their brand. The key to being successful and standing out in the crowd is with innovative and new ideas that will generate the most engagement.


A prime example of separating yourself from the crowd in social media is the latest campaign launched by Muscle Maker Grill (MMG). In their "Behind Enemy Lines" venture, MMG asked loyal customers to go into the enemies' (fast food chains and places the serve fatty meals) stores and take a picture of themselves doing the three-finger "Warrior W" symbol at the location. They are then to post the picture on Instagram. Participants are then entered into a contest for gift cards and prizes.

There are a couple of reasons why that Social Media Marketing campaign was so successful. One, word of mouth. The person in the picture tells his/her friends and shares on social media. Two, the only way to get involved is to actually go to a competitor's store and see the difference for yourself. Three, other people start talking and even blogging (just like now!) about the event.

"The 'Behind Enemy Lines' campaign aims to build and reward customer loyalty, as well as to dramatize Muscle Maker Grill's claim that other, competing quick serve restaurant meals are 'empty' and leave you 'sluggish'," reported Steve Hall of Search Engine Land.

To get your company to stand out you must be original and cross various platforms for maximum results.

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