Is LinkedIn Pointless?

Is LinkedIn Pointless?

If you are a professional, well, then, you should probably be on the world’s largest “professional network,” right? That’s the sales pitch from LinkedIn, anyway. You want to make sure you have a nice, active profile, with lots of connections to showcase how serious you are about being a professional. That’s the argument, anyway. But what’s the reality? 

Every business connection you can make on LinkedIn, you can make on Facebook. With hundreds of millions more people on FB than any other social site, a business will set up a FB profile, first. Companies can advertise on FB, join groups related to their industry and create a timeline with news and events correlating to what they are doing in their business.  

No matter how “professional” LinkedIn wants to have their platform appear, it’s social media. It’s liking and posting and scrolling and doing all the little social media tasks everyone does on most platforms. One major difference for LinkedIn is the ability to search for jobs. But with the sponsored ads and posts, it can be very limiting. Especially when compared to Indeed, Zip Recruiter and Monster, to name a few. 

If you are an individual, LinkedIn can be a fun social media site to connect with old classmates and friends, see what they are doing for work and grow your base within your own industry. But if your company is on LinkedIn for sales and conversions, it’s in the wrong place. 

When it comes to digitally marketing your company through social media, they key is to understand the purpose and functionality of each social site. LinkedIn is about establishing your company as an authority in your field, through what you share, post, like and through the groups you lead. LinkedIn is also great for brand awareness and expansion. 

Once you understand the platform, the next step is creating a marketing plan to capture your audience and actually get the results you want. That is where only an expert digital marketing firm that backs their promises with actual analytics comes in. 

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