Why Video Marketing Is Important for Your Business

Why Video Marketing Is Important for Your Business

In the past, written content was king, but a new medium is challenging its position in the marketing world – Video Marketing.

Video Marketing is one of several ways to promote your business online, and it’s one of the fastest growing marketing channels. Cisco's Visual Networking Index has projected that video will make up over 80% of all online traffic by 2021 and 85% of all U.S. Internet traffic. Furthermore, 64% of digital marketers agree that video will dictate their overall content marketing tactics in the near future. Of course, this means nothing if it doesn't help your business in some way. So, here are some other statistics showing why your business should be involved with video marketing.

According to a 2018 HubSpot study, 85% of the people surveyed said they want more video from brands. This means your customers and prospects want (and, to some degree, might even expect) to see videos from your brand.

That said, where you place your videos matters just as much as having the video content in the first place. A study conducted by eyeviewdigital.com shows that placing videos on landing pages results in an 80% increase in conversions.

You should also consider adding video to your emails. Small Biz Trends states that videos increase the click-through rate by 200% to 300%. Additionally, using videos on full-page ads increases engagement by 22%.

Optimizing video for mobile viewing is important as well. According to HostingTribunal.com, 90% of the world's internet users access the internet through their phones or other mobile devices. Additionally, according to the real estate video marketing site Virtuetes, 92% of those who watch video on their mobile devices will share those videos with other people.

So how useful and convincing are these videos for customers and prospects? Well, according to Forbes, a whopping 90% of customers state that video helps them with their purchasing decisions, while 64% of customers state that viewing a video about a product or service makes them more likely to purchase it. This is relevant because it shows that video consumption can increase sales.

Research institute MarketingSherpa states that video draws in 2 to 3 times the usual amount of monthly site visitors, doubles these visitors' time on a site, and increases organic search engine traffic by 157%. Be aware of these particular statistics and consider where you can best utilize videos in your customer sales funnel.

Wondering how this specifically helps your business beyond helping someone decide if they want to buy your product or service? Here's how: According to LinkedIn, 97% of marketers said that video has helped expand user understanding of brands' products or services. And, according to Aberdeen, video marketers receive 66% more eligible leads on average each year.

This is relevant because it shows that the quality increase comes from what viewers were able to learn through video. Customers and potential prospects are able to develop trust in a brand and inform themselves through video in ways that simply can’t be achieved solely through text.

In addition to understanding products and services better, the aforementioned Hubspot study also stated that 47% of marketers stated that video helped them with reducing the amount of support questions they would normally receive, while 76% stated that video helped them increase site traffic and sales.

Not only that, but video helps SEO efforts. Forrester Research states that it's 50 times easier to get a page 1 Google ranking when using a video, and according to Mist Media, using a video on a site landing page increase the likelihood of showing up on page 1 of Google by 53%.

There are plenty of other statistics not discussed here that show the benefits of using video marketing, but the ones mentioned here should be reason enough for your business to start using video in your marketing campaigns.

MAXtech is in the process of producing more professional videos for our clients in 2020. We'll be editing and shooting videos for our clients that they'll be able to use on their websites, social media, and even in emails.

For more information on how video marketing can help your business and how to do it effectively, contact us by phone at 614-401-8800, or visit our Contact Us page to submit your question.

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