The Differences Between Local & Long-Distance Digital Marketing Agencies

The Differences Between Local & Long-Distance Digital Marketing Agencies

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Businesses have the option of choosing between local or out-of-town and/or out-of-state digital marketing agencies. There are some definitive differences working with both, but working with either has benefits. Here's what you should know.

Meeting in Person – Communication methods such as video chat, group phone calls, group emails, and online messaging work fine, but some businesses are uncomfortable relying solely on virtual communication. If you can meet your digital marketing team in person, you'll have a better sense of who they are and how they operate, especially if you're able to meet them in their office. While this isn't impossible to do with a long-distance digital marketing agency in chennai (especially one like MAXtech, who will fly out to meet you if necessary), it is more feasible to do with a local digital marketing team, as you can meet with them in person a lot more frequently. In-person meetings strengthen the relationship between the client and agency.

Faster Response Time – You're more likely to receive a faster response from a local digital marketing agency because you can easily meet with them in person. With an agency located further away, they might have difficulty having someone get back with you to discuss any issues or concerns you have, especially if they have their own local clients to deal with.

Knowledge of local area; helpful for local SEO – A local digital marketing agency is more likely to be familiar with and aware of the other businesses and attractions surrounding your area. This is useful for content and SEO purposes, which can help your business attract leads.

Local Connections – A local digital marketing agency is more likely to have connections with other local businesses and entities, which can be useful for digital marketing purposes, more specifically, local promotion and information about local competitors.

Potentially knowledgeable about local competitors – A local digital marketing team will likely know someone with information about your local competitors, or they'll have past or current direct communication with those competitors. That said, keep in mind that Social Media Marketing if there is a confidentiality clause, they won't be able to tell you about who they're currently working with. If there is an exclusivity clause in the contract, they will not be able to work with you. However, if there are competitors they have no contractual ties to, they can glean information that can be useful to your digital marketing efforts and can give you a leg up.

Note that the confidentiality clause can work in your favor when signing on with a digital marketing agency because it means that cannot disclose any of your company's insider information to anyone, competitors included. An exclusivity clause can also be added and work in your favor if you decide to sign on with a local digital marketing agency and you do not want them working with your local competitors.

Bigger Digital Marketing Agency Teams in Bigger Cities – If you have a business in a smaller city or town, you might want to rethink working with a local agency. For starters, digital marketing agencies in cities like Atlanta, Chicago, New York City and L.A. are more likely to have bigger teams. While this is likely to be significantly more expensive for your business, there are some benefits to using a bigger team, such as:

Specialized Digital Marketing on a Larger Scale – A bigger team means more marketers who specialize in a particular digital marketing channel (e.g. PPC, SEO, web design, email, etc.) of people working on the same marketing channel depending on how extensive you need your marketing campaign to be and which channels you want to use. Mind you, it will cost you more money, but having a large team of people working on the same PPC campaign compared to one PPC specialist might be what your particular business needs.

Better Chance of Expanding Your Audience – Digital marketing teams in bigger cities, particularly ones that work for nationwide companies, are likely to have a lot more knowledge about what marketing works best for a nationwide audience. That, or they'll at least have knowledge of what kind of marketing works in certain regions of the country compared to other regions.

More Detailed Knowledge of Niche Markets – Non-local digital marketing agencies in big cities are usually very well versed in niche markets (i.e. fitness and weight loss, beauty treatments, fashion trends, music, etc.) in various areas nationwide. They can tell you what trends and fads sell well in certain parts of the country compared to other parts. They know this stuff because they likely work or have worked with many businesses nationwide that fit a particular niche. This means they'll know the ins and outs of niche industries. If you can find a digital marketing agency that has extensive knowledge of or specializes in your business's industry, that's a big advantage.

Other factors will come into play as well when choosing a local or non-local digital marketing agency (e.g. budget, your company's overall size, your future business plans, the digital marketing channels you want or need to use, etc.). Definitely think about what your business needs and desires, evaluate what level of digital marketing your business could benefit from the best, and think about what you can afford currently before you even start searching for local or non-local digital marketing companies to work with. (You can refer to our previous article, "What You Should Know & Do Before Contacting a Digital Marketing Agency", for additional tips.)

Additionally, if you're in the central Ohio area and you are looking for a nearby digital marketing agency, MAXtech might be the perfect fit. Visit our "Contact Us" page to schedule an appointment.

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