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When we engineer your SEO plan, it all starts with a website analysis. Analyzing your website from a SEO stand point plays a key role in developing the SEO strategies for your website. We understand that the SEO needs of each website vary from site to site. We do not follow a cookie cutter package approach, we develop a SEO plan after evaluating the website from all aspects including technical, content, user experience, and website analytics.

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On-Site SEO includes all SEO changes made directly on the website itself. It will include various technical changes such as validation errors, performance issues, title tags, meta descriptions, and header elements etc. as required. The old adage "Content is King" still holds true. Good, user-friendly, and engaging content is important on a website to help site visitors as well as search engines understand the purpose of each web page.

Website analytics provides critical data that helps us understand the trends in traffic, the bounce rate and gives us a benchmark to accomplish better results for you. User experience drives visitors. A negative user experience on a website prevents a user from returning as well as could increase the bounce rate on a website. With our SEO plans we provide all encompassing programs geared towards driving results.

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