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Lloyd & Lloyd Case Study

I. Introduction

The personal injury lawyers of Lloyd and Lloyd wanted to increase leads and conversions through paid search. The concept was to increase their storefronts. On the organic search engine optimization side, their website was showing up high on search for targeted keywords as well as leading to more potential clients contacting Lloyd and Lloyd.

But a comprehensive digital marketing plan must cover all aspects, including paid search. Lloyd and Lloyd wanted a new paid search initiative created over a month timeline to see what new clients could be generated from the campaign.

From July 25 to August 15, MAXtech created, managed and ran a Paid Search campaign for Lloyd and Lloyd that yielded a 90 percent increase in leads and reached the targeted conversion rate of between 1 and 3 percent.

II. Background

Creating a successful paid ad campaign can be one of the trickiest aspects of online marketing. One, selecting the correct keywords and focus for your business is paramount. Simply going after "lawyers in Oklahoma" would have Lloyd and Lloyd competing against too many other attorneys that specialize in a wide range of areas.

After meeting and discussing the goals and outlook of Lloyd and Lloyd, MAXtech created a focused plan for truck accidents, car accidents and personal injury. The plan had specific geo targeting for the Oklahoma area and going after people online that were looking for representation after an accident.

III. Alternatives

Before the plan was put into action, different paid search and paid advertisement plans were examined. Different demographics and target audiences were examined. The key was to focus on exactly what Lloyd and Lloyd wanted for that particular month and campaign.

When it comes to AdWords and paid advertising, there has to be a focus and precise plan of action. Too many of the alternative campaigns were going to hit too wide of a group of potential consumers.

IV. Proposed Solution

Create an exact campaign to target three key areas: car accidents, truck accidents and personal injury.

One, the paid search campaign had to result in actual leads. Simply getting the clicks wasn't enough for MAXtech or the client. The campaign had a clear message that prompted a call to action, which in this case was a trackable action by the user labeled a "lead."

As a result, Lloyd and Lloyd had 14 more leads during the timeline of the campaign than compared to the same timeline from the previous month.

Two, the campaign needed to hit a predetermined conversion rate between 1 and 3 percent. In digital marketing, that is your target score.

V. Recommendations

In order to continue to increase traffic, leads, brand awareness and new clients, Lloyd and Lloyd should continue their current ad campaign while looking to go after new demographics and clients.

By changing the keywords, forming a plan specific to what the client wants and increasing the daily ad spend for both daily and monthly budgets, the goals were met for the client.

The success shouldn't stop either, however, as more areas, such as nursing home injuries, should be targeted as well next month. For the most successful advertising results, Lloyd and Lloyd should continue to go after each area of law they represent.

VI. Conclusion

By implementing a new paid ad campaign with MAXtech, Lloyd and Lloyd Law saw a 90 percent increase in leads compared to last month along with meeting their conversion rate goal of 1.60 percent.

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