Should spelling, grammar and punctuation matter to a brand on social media?


As for your personal account, it's likely that none of your friends will make fun of you too badly if you aren't great at following AP Stylebook rules. However as a business or brand, you know how bad it would look if you misspelled your own company name, or a word in an ad. As for social media, you may think social media posts are just something for fun, to draw interest and possibly drive sales. You don't think social media should be taken so seriously.

But this couldn't be further from the truth.

If you want to be taken seriously, you need to ensure the face of your brand is flawless, wherever it is seen. Nothing says "amateur" like posts on social media that are full of errors.

Even the worst spellers in the world take notice when the first word in a sentence isn't capitalized. These are the very basics of brand management, and shouldn't be treated lightly.

Sure, you can drive engagement and increase interest occasionally on social media even with errors - but if you really look at the stats, you may be surprised to see which posts are doing the best, and which ones received minimal reach.

Make it easy on your audience and potential clients to read and understand your posts, and you'll be well on your way to seeing those numbers and stats going up.

The one exception? Videos. These usually do well on social media no matter what is written, especially if someone is viewing them on their phone and videos auto play in their feed.

In conclusion, do yourself and your company a favor - and hire a person who actually knows what they're doing. Someone like a Copywriter, Editor or Social Media Specialist (like ours), who has proven experience at increasing Likes, engagement and even leads.

After all, getting grammar and punctuation rules down doesn't mean the posts won't be fun anymore - it just ensures the audience can read and understand your message more clearly.

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