Social Media 101 for Dummies: 3 Tips

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As the year winds down and you plan your online marketing campaigns for 2015, you may think you know everything there is to know about social media. Or, you may be a beginner who just doesn't get the value of it - and who doesn't have time to even check it, much less work it.

Well here are some tips and tricks from our social media specialists you may or may not know. If you're an expert, they'll serve as a refresher course; for newbies, take note - these are the basics you need to know to get started and rock out 2015 in a big way.

Social media tip #1: One clear voice.

Make sure that across every platform you choose to utilize, and these days you should at least try to be on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, that you use the same profile and cover pics on each one - so you're easily identifiable. This goes for whether you're a business or an individual. Make sure they're clear, beautiful pictures, and that they convey a strong message. These will be seen by the world, so make them count. Don't try to make them fit if they don't fit, and if you're not great at Photoshop or graphic design, ask someone who is to do them for you.

Social media tip #2: Show up.

Don't get on a social media network then drop off the face of the planet. Post at least once a day, and follow, retweet, follow back, plus one, Like, and Share. Be an industry expert, and add a little humor now and then to spice things up. Just show up every day, and add valuable content and insight where appropriate. Just being present can make a huge impact. If your last post was months ago, chances are your Likes and Followers have dropped off significantly. People are content hungry, and they'll find the information or entertainment they're seeking from your competitors if not you.

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Social media tip #3: Audit your brand.

Frequently check to make sure you haven't received any bad mentions, spam mentions, negative reviews, or spam comments on any of your pages. Some of these can be used as customer service opportunities, but many just need to be reported and blocked. Also see what people liked best, what their demographics are, and what they hated. Use this information going forward, and promote your page or boost the posts that got the most attention.

In conclusion, there are tons more tips we could add, but we felt these were the bare necessities for anyone looking to up their social media game - or just stay in the game at the very least.

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