Browser Wars

Browser Wars

If you are reading this right now, then you have accessed the content through the Internet. But as many of you know, you need a web browser to get to different websites to see the content. It's the same for conducting a search.

Most Internet users don't claim alliances to one search engine or another. It usually boils down to the default on the device or popularity. Google is number one for search, so a lot of people naturally use Google Chrome.

But is Chrome really the best option? You don't see too many developers swearing by Safari or Explorer, so it really comes down to Firefox or Chrome. Let's take a quick look at both and you can decide for yourself what is better.


Google is connected to everything that is connected to everything. Yes, you can use incognito, but you should assume that what you do on Google+, what sites you visit and all of your Internet connections are tracked and recorded. You will have less of that on Firefox.


Chrome looks better and is a cleaner platform. But Firefox is a more customizable browser, so you can configure ‘till your heart's content.


More developers use and like Chrome. Some argue that is because Google employs half of them, but realistically, it is simply preferred.


It's not a contest here-Firefox simply has better and more comprehensive extensions.  However when it comes to synchronization, Chrome syncs everything together very easily, no matter the device.


The bottom line in this debate is the fact that Chrome's password manager is not secure and can lead to security issues.

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