What is Hyper Local SEO and do you really need it?

Can your potential clients find your website or business information online pretty easily? Or is it like finding a needle in a haystack?


Hyper Local SEO is a way to ensure your business information is accurate online, and is easily found. It is absolutely necessary for any business, and includes three key features.

First of all, when you partner with us, there's no bulk managing. We manage listings individually to help achieve better rankings. There's also no automated management. Our experts perform regular management of listings to ensure accurate information of listings and help achieve better rankings.

Secondly, accountability is important to us; so important it's actually at the top of our list. So we provide you with monthly Google+ local reports to show listing performance.

Finally, listing information can be changed if the business information (contact information, etc) changes.

Interested in knowing more, and how you can benefit from all of the above?

Here are more features you can find in our packages:

Keyword research and optimization

Monthly management of local listings

Business and industry research

Monthly submission of business information

Monthly Google+ local analytics reporting

Updating business information on listings

Contact us today to learn more about how our Hyper Local SEO experts can help potential clients find your business information online.

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And just in case you're still not convinced, here are some quick facts for you:

The Importance of Local Searches (1)

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