Tech Products and Services to Buy for Your Business This Black Friday - Part 1

People are geared up for Black Friday deals this year, and there's no reason why your business shouldn't benefit from that as well. But you might be wondering which products would be the best purchases for your business, so we've put together a list of products and services that will help your business run more efficiently, be more productive, and even save you some money over time.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2

Going for something fancy that will highly increase productivity? Get a Microsoft Surface Hub 2, which is an interactive smart whiteboard on which you can display images, videos, and presentations. Note that these won't ship until 2019, but you can sign up here for updates about the product. Check out the product page on Microsoft's site for a video about the Surface Hub 2 and more details about what it can do for your business.

HD Photos on Facebook

Facebook currently has a way for you to upload HD photos to their site so you won't lose any of your picture quality when posting. Simply go to your account settings and click "more" at the bottom of your screen. Then, scroll down and click "Settings & Privacy", then click "Settings". Scroll down to "Media and Contacts", click "Videos and Photos", then click "next" to upload in HD. Never worry about low-quality photos again, whether it's for a business page or your personal account.

3D images on Facebook

Facebook is also rolling out a feature where users can make their photos appear in 3D. Just take a photo in portrait mode with a compatible dual-camera smartphone (e.g. an iPhone 7 or above except for the new XR, an LG V35 ThinQ, or the Samsung Galaxy Note 9). Then, share it as a 3D image on Facebook allowing you and others to scroll, pan, and tilt to view the image in a realistic 3D way. Facebook even has notes on how to create the best possible 3D image through layering, contrast and texture within the subjects you choose for your photos. This feature will also be available on VR devices. Businesses can take advantage of this feature for promotional purposes (e.g. special events and new products).

Microsoft Edge Browser

If you're using a touch-screen mobile device that allows you to write on the screen and you need to make a quick note on a web article or some web designs, use the Microsoft Edge browser. It allows you to write on any webpage and then save it as necessary. No need to open up another application to take notes about what you read or watched online.

Free Desk Phones

For a limited time only, MAXtech/DigiFone will provide free desk phones when you sign up for VoIP service. Call us today about getting VoIP for your business, or visit our Contact Us page.

Also, check out part 2 of this blog for more products and services that could be beneficial to your business.

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