3 Benefits of SEO, Part 3 of 3: The Gold Package


In our last blog post in this series we went over the 2nd of the 3 main benefits of SEO and why it's important, which is blogging. We also discussed the Silver Package and its benefits. We call these benefits because they're really the benefits of hiring an SEO specialist, or the reasons why you should. After all, copy writing comes natural to our writers, but we know it doesn't to everyone.

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In this blog post, we'll discuss the final benefit of SEO which is driving relevant traffic to your website.

What do we mean by relevant traffic? Well you want to ensure a great user experience, as we discussed in part 1, and how you do that is ensure you are using all the tricks of the trade. There are many tools and tricks our specialists utilize to ensure you're getting relevant traffic to your website, and the algorithms Google use change so often - you're going to want an expert on your side to keep track for you.

But have you ever searched for something in Google and clicked on a few of the websites at the top of the results page, only to find they were nothing like what you wanted? Or maybe they were terrible websites filled with pop ups and ads?

That's frustrating for anyone, and a huge waste of their time. And chances are you're going to remember those websites next time and be sure to not click on them.

So to prevent your website from being on the do-not-click list, our SEO experts use "white hat SEO" techniques, not "black hat SEO" tricks. Black hat is trickery that may have worked briefly in the past, but these days can quickly get you penalized by Google.

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Now for the cream of the crop, the best of the best - our Gold Package. This is for the serious business owner who wants the most bang for their buck, and the best overall strategy to beat out their competitors. Some benefits include:


In conclusion, we realize you don't have the time or expertise to handle performing SEO on your own on a daily basis, so that's why we've employed the best SEO specialists we could find to help your business succeed.

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