What You Can Do To Be Prepared Against Hackers and Viruses

If you were ever in danger of your company's digital property being compromised, it's over the next several days. How can we be so sure? Well, it's well advertised: "Remember, remember the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot; I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot," as the English folk verse goes.
Will you be safe when it all starts? Will you be safe when it all starts?[/caption]

November 5 is Guy Fawkes' Day in England, a celebration of the foiling of Fawkes' attempt to blow up the British Parliament in 1605. The day has turned into, however, a rallying date for hackers, anarchists and activists associated with the group, "Anonymous."

A "Million Mask March" has been organized in different cities across the globe, and authorities say the real threat is to the digital environment, as Anonymous looks to hack first. Before it all starts, take a moment to evaluate your digital situation:

Hosting-do you have around the clock hosting support? Were you safe from Heartbleed and other bugs that already happened this year? To get the most secure hosting, click here.

Old website-if you have an outdated website you are more prone to attacks. Get a mobile-friendly website and get the safety updates you need by clicking here.

Exposure-tomorrow is not a good day to start opening emails and documents from strangers. If you don't know or trust the source, don't open and click. Have a question about incoming mail or data that you think might be compromised? Get a data evaluation here.


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