Best ROI: AdWords vs Social

Best ROI: AdWords vs Social

How Can Companies Ensure Their Adspend Generates the Most Leads and Sales

“Graphs don’t lie,” said Paid Advertising Manager Candace Kamensky tongue in cheek concerning the graph below. 

She may be perhaps a bit biased, but the conversation needs to be had. What paid ad forum REALLY generates the biggest return on investment for businesses? 

A 2014 Nuestar study showed Facebook and other social advertising platforms were a very affordable way to have a digital presence online. If you have a low-to-medium advertising budget, social has proven to be very effective. As a result, companies now devote almost 30% of their online advertising budget to Facebook, alone. 

Direct benefits of FB and social are: easy access to billions of users, it is simple to track, user control, initial campaign launch is not difficult, you can incorporate pics and videos and the cost-per-click has a low average.   

AdWords shares a lot of those attributes along with great targeting options for regions, times and friends as well as varying display, search and remarketing. compared several different case studies running nearly identical campaigns through AdWords and FB. The users coming from AdWords had a slightly higher page view average and a higher conversion rate of 10% compared to FB’s 6.5%. 

But, the study showed companies had to pay anywhere from $.50 to a $1 more per click with AdWords to get that higher conversion rate. 

Conclusion: if you rely on leads and need a lot of them, social may be the way to go. If you make a good amount of profit off of just one closed lead, then paying more per click with AdWords may prove to be the best option.

Real conclusion: you need to have an active, aggressive, next-level digital advertising campaign either through social channels, AdWords or both. Your competitors are getting clicks and leads and you should be getting a share of those, if not the majority. 

Not sure about how to get started with a social or AdWords campaign? Get a free digital advertising assessment for your business by calling MAXtech: (614) 401-8800.     

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