Addicted to Google Glass?

The jury is still out on Google Glass in terms of how effective it really is and how much it annoys other people around the person wearing the device, but one thing is for sure, a lot of owners love the product. So much so that it is causing addiction issues with certain users.


The first documented and reported cases of addiction have come from San Diego, where doctors have recently stated that their clients have "Internet addiction disorder" (IAD) from overuse of Google Glass.

Being diagnosed with IAD is not uncommon at all-from Facebook to adult sites, humans have been known to become seriously dependent on the Internet. This is the first time IAD has been associated with Google Glass, however.

It all started when a 31-year-old enlisted serviceman checked into a rehab program offered by the Navy. The withdraw symptoms that the man were showing seems liked they stemmed from alcohol withdraw. The doctors soon found out it was related to the man's extended use of Google Glass.

"The man had been wearing Glass for up to 18 hours a day, using it fastidiously at work and taking it off when he went to sleep or bathed," said Dr. Andrew Doan of the Naval Medical Center in San Diego.

So maybe it's not so much about Google Glass, but doing anything 18 hours a day.

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