Marketing, McDonalds and the Truth

It's a game being played by millions of Americans, and believe it or not, they aren't participating on their smartphones and/or mobile devices. It's McDonald's adaptation of the classic Parker Brothers' game, "Monopoly," where people can eat and play simultaneously.


The game works like this: if you buy certain food items from McDonald's, you get game pieces. Match similar game piece colors to build a monopoly and win cash and other prizes. From a marketing standpoint, the game is genius for two reasons: one, people need to eat, they already like McDonald's and get to play a game while they consume. And two, the payouts are small because you have a better shot at winning the real lottery than winning at McDonald's Monopoly. Here's why:

One of the colors needed to complete any monopoly is very rare. How rare?

Short Line Railroad #526 (1 in 57,833,265)

Water Works #527 (1 in 162,960,407)

Mediterranean Avenue #501 (1 in 651,842)

Vermont Avenue #504 (1 in 144,583,163)

Virginia Avenue #508 (1 in 130,368,326)

Tennessee Avenue #510 (1 in 2,429,970)

Kentucky Avenue #512 (1 in 32,592,082)

Ventnor Avenue #516 (1 in 8,691,222)

Pennsylvania Avenue #520 (1 in 325,920,814)

Boardwalk #522 (1 in 651,841,628)

Don't waste your time calling your friend in a far-away state or trying to trade pieces online-if you have any of those above pieces you're basically a winner. If someone else does there's no motivation to trade for less-rare pieces.

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