Bing Gaining Ground with Full Lyric Display

A lot of people like to root for the underdog. It just makes for a better story. But in the land of search engines, the lower rated crawler is there for a reason. That is to say, a good reason the majority of humans use Google is because it simply displays the results they want better and faster than any other entity.


But Google is not perfect, and when a name like Microsoft is driving the Bing machine, the race is never totally over. Recently, Bing has decided to start showing complete song lyrics in search results. Don't think that's significant? Fair enough, but just understand progression and speed are from several really small factors that add up to a nice piece of the pie.

Let's put it this way: raise your hand if you have ever used a search engine to find a song lyric or to figure out the artist behind the track. The difference, now, however, is that you don't have to click on a webpage and go somewhere else to figure it out. It's displayed, you read and move on with your existence.

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