Every Yahoo Account Was Hacked—Security is no Longer Optional

Every Yahoo Account Was Hacked—Security is no Longer Optional

Who doesn’t like their personal data in the hands of hackers, identity thieves and people looking to sell your information to the highest bidder? When your information becomes compromised, you are extremely vulnerable—your business or your personal funds can be completely wiped out. 

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and it couldn’t be happening at a more convenient time. Yahoo just announced that back in 2013, every single account was compromised. 3 billion accounts suffered a data breach leaving all of the information in the hands of whomever wanted it. 

The unfortunate and sad reality is that we are just learning about this breach now, 4 years later! Who knows what is happening to your accounts right now that we won’t find out about until a half-decade later? 

You may not know the true cost of not having adequate cyber security until it’s too late and your business is forced to shut down or all of your money is locked up without access. Getting total protection isn’t going to happen without some action on your part. 

Get a free security assessment from a company that deals with hacks and data breaches every day. See what options you have and get educated on the holes within your network and IT configuration. 

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