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DonationWith great power, comes great responsibility. This saying is just as true for the power of the Internet and its applications. Over the years, we have seen Internet communities rally to support causes and projects they believe in through crowd-funding. More recently, however, we have seen companies beginning to use the internet to connect with customers by charitable means. We want to highlight a few easy ways for you to contribute to charities without changing any aspect of your daily life or requiring you to donate money.

Donate a Photo

When a company typically sponsors a charity, it is in the form of matching donations or allocating a percentage of profits. Johnson & Johnson has taken a different approach with its Donate A Photo website and app. The premise is simple: you take any photo and "donate" it. When you donate a photo, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1.00 to the cause of your choice. Your photo is not used for promotional purposes and can only be seen by others who donated a photo to the same cause. Each cause has a goal and tells you exactly how close it is to completing that goal. You can donate one photo every day. Instagram has over 75 million daily users. If every one of them donate the same photo they post, every single cause would meet its goal in less than one day.

Charity Miles

For those of us who run, walk or bike throughout our day, Charity Miles is a great way to give back. Simply select a charity, turn on the app and commence with your running, walking or biking. You don't need to set up an account to begin. If you use a bike, $0.10 is donated per mile. Runners will have $0.25 donated for every mile ran. If exercise if a part of your daily routine, you can end up donating hundreds of dollars simply by staying healthy.

Survey Monkey Contribute

Everyone has points throughout their day when they are bored. Fill those moments by filling out surveys on SurveyMonkey Contribute. You simply create an account, select a charity and start filling out surveys. For every survey completed, $0.50 is donated to the charity of your choice. You also are entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card for every survey you complete! Each survey can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, but every cent goes to helping those in need. So even if you take one survey in the morning and one in the evening, you will end up donating $365/year to the charity of your choice.

If the average person (who walks about 2 miles per day) used all three of these organizations daily, they could easily donate $1,000/year. Not to mention that using all of these takes less than 5 minutes to do! So if you are looking for a way to donate more to charity, consider using these easy, free methods to help others.

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