Shellshock Bash is Serious Threat to Security

Less than a year ago, the digital world was turned upside down with the Heartbleed bug, which exposed critical business information for companies all over the world. It affected the everyday user as well, just without the billion dollar price tag associated with it.

Once Heartbleed got cleaned up, programmers and hosting companies were able to breathe a little bit. Until last weekend, that is.

Now, the Shellshock Bash bug is threatening the safety and way of life of the operators.

"This bug, baptized 'Shellshock' by Security Researchers, affects the Unix command shell 'Bash,' which happens to be one of the most common applications in those systems," reported Jose Andrade of

The bug allows a hacker access to the system and they can then install malware, steal private information or even turn on your camera and watch you while you're on your computer.

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"We are 100 percent patched for this vulnerability," said associate Daren Belsterli.

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