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 With a few months having passed since mobilegeddon, now is the time to start looking at the future of responsiveness in websites. Search engine results are now customized based on what device you use, but only to a certain extent. As search capabilities are delivered to more and more devices, how will algorithms adapt? While no announcements have been made, it is expected that search algorithms will change to tailor results to TVs, gaming consoles and even cars.

Earlier this month, Apple announced that Siri would be integrated with the new Apple TV. While this may seem like a small step, it could mark the beginning of a major search market. If customers embrace this search technology, it would not be surprising to hear that Google will change their algorithm to rank "TV-friendly" websites. Perhaps instead of mobile-only websites, companies may begin creating TV-only websites. This will cause companies to embrace responsiveness as a standard instead of a trend.

Back in 2014, Dominos worked with the Xbox One to develop an application that allows users to order pizza while gaming without interrupting the experience. This was the first time we saw non-gaming companies beginning to integrate with gaming consoles. More and more, companies are finding ways to integrate themselves with alternative forms of media. With search capabilities only growing on gaming consoles, we may eventually hear about algorithm edits to help rank "gaming-friendly" websites.

Only recently has Wi-Fi become available in vehicles, so it is ripe time for speculation. Just like with gaming consoles, as search becomes more available in vehicles we might see companies developing websites that do not interfere with the driving experience. For instance, restaurants might begin to develop a "website" that allows drivers to make reservations at a nearby location while driving. Perhaps GasBuddy will adapt their application to find the cheapest gas near a driver that takes into account a vehicle's MPG. As search becomes more and more integrated with vehicles, search engines may once again adapt their ranking algorithm.

The future of the responsive website may be one that not only adjusts to screen size, but one that adjusts completely to the device. Whether you are searching for walkthroughs on your Xbox or finding the top 10 parks while driving, the idea of responsiveness will continue to change, with search algorithms following closely behind.

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