Mobile Banner Ads-Best Platform to Advertise

With billions of smartphones on the market, companies are desperately trying to get a stronghold on the seemingly endless mobile market. But every day, there appears to be a new gimmick, plan or campaign. Let the competition do what they want-if your business wants to have a controlling share of market advertising, then you need to implement Mobile Banner Ads.


To begin with, let's start with what Mobile Banner Ads are and how they have evolved. Mobile users visit millions of websites a day. A Banner Ad will display your product or service across a user's device while they are web browsing. Think of it like a billboard that pops up in the different areas you drive.

Over the last year, the Social Media Marketing technology for Mobile Banner Ads has dramatically improved. Businesses requested better targeting so they could go after specific drivers, not just everyone on the road. Now, Banner Ads are based off of consumer behavior profiles, making Banners an enhanced mobile targeting product.

The evolution didn't stop there, either. By adding a location and an impression context, along with advancements from MIT computer science applications, Mobile Banner Ads have shown to dramatically increase traffic, click-through rates, purchase intent and brand awareness.

The future of mobile advertising has already arrived-the good thing is, it's not too late to get on board. To get the most comprehensive Mobile Banner Ad for your business, please call Thoughtwire Marketing at 800-367-2570 or visit

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