Lessons Learned from CRO Case Studies

Conversion Rate Optimization


Testing different versions of your website's design and content is an important step in improving your website and increasing revenue. Unfortunately, most people do not have a site that generates enough traffic to run these tests easily and quickly. In the world of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), there are plenty of lessons to be learned by the experiments ran on other websites. Look below for some of the lessons you can take away from CRO case studies.

Advertise Your Most Appealing Offer

Every company wants to know what they have to offer customers to maximize their revenue. By using different versions and offers during an experiment (read more here), Electronic Art's The Sims™ was able to identify which of their offers appealed most to their customers. By displaying that offer prominently, they were able to increase their game registrations by 128 percent. The lesson here: performing a simple content-switch experiment can lead to great results.

Pricing Page > Prices

In this study for Basekit, a redesign of their pricing page led to a 25 percent increase in purchases. They were not testing a new pricing model or seeing how a new offer might perform. All the company had to do was change their pricing table to a more modern, clean structure in order to increase sales. If you have a basic spreadsheet-like design for a pricing table, consider a heavy redesign to increase sales.

Never Doubt Color Psychology

Button color tests are one of the easiest and most profitable tests to run. Take this test for example. By switching a sign-up button's color from green to red, Performable was able to increase sales by 21 percent. If someone told you that you could earn 21 percent more money by changing a color, you might break a finger trying to change that color so fast. There is no single best color to increase profits, but button testing takes minutes to set up and can potentially have huge payoffs.

The point to all of these tests is to demonstrate how website experimentation tools like Optimizely can unlock the potential of your site. If changing a button's color earned you more money, wouldn't you do it? If advertising "Offer B" instead of "Offer A" increased your revenue, wouldn't you rewrite your website? With each experiment you run, there is a chance to increase your revenue.  Those hidden increases are spread across every page on your site. If you are interested in getting the most out of your website, contact MAXtech Agency today to discuss how to optimize your website.

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