Personal Privacy Online? Not Anymore

Just understand that we are at a technological point where when you digitally "connect" with or to anything, go ahead and assume that action is being monitored, recorded and used for marketing purposes. Sound like another crackpot conspiracy theory? Well let's look at some examples and you can decide for yourself:

  • Google was just granted a patent where they will use what you watch on TV as a way to influence your specific search results. So much for Google's claim that they provide unbiased natural search results. They provide results that are directly related to your interests and tie them right into what pops up on your screen. And to take it further, the paid ads are in on the game too. So when you just finish watching Mad Men, for example, when you go to search there will be a Mad Men-inspired ad on the SERP.

  • Ever erase something you were just about to post or email? Facebook is just one of the giant digital companies that record and keep what you type, even if you delete the message. They then collect all the unused messages and analyze them for advertising purposes.

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