Germany Asking for Google's Secret Sauce

Imagine you start a restaurant. Your dining establishment grows into one of the biggest and most popular restaurants in the world. Your growth is directly related to one specific dish, that everyone loves to consume. Then imagine a court ordering you to be more "transparent" in your recipes, and reveal the recipe that has given you so much success. Chances are you would fight until the bitter end to keep your recipe from going public.
German courts want Google's cookbooks. German courts want Google's cookbooks.[/caption]

That scenario is currently being played out between Google and the German high courts. Over the last year the German courts, and courts throughout Europe, have been battling Google over "the right to be forgotten" and other aspects of Google's platform that "violate laws and liberty."

It seems that now, the Germans are cutting right to the chase.

"[German justice minister Heiko] Maas asserts in the interview that Google needs to become more 'transparent' about its algorithm and would like the company to divulge the formula it uses to rank search results," reported Greg Sterling.

Users and SEO-ers would love to see Google's recipe. We could all find out what exactly what they were using and how they generate all of their results. Unfortunately, there's no way Google would ever release that info unless they turned into some kind of hippie/anarchist/non-profit, and that's beyond farfetched.

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