Why Local Rankings Are Dying

There are plenty of areas where you can lay blame-Google, algorithm changes, the habits and trends of the user, etc. But it really doesn't matter who is at fault, as the fact remains, local and search rankings in general are taking a huge hit.

The first thing you need to digital marketing agency in chennai understand is the fact that search engine optimization (SEO), or really just where you appear on the search engine results page (SERP), is in constant flux. So no matter what artificially generated ranking you receive, it could very easily change the next day.

Also, there is no true formula or science for establishing a true "page rank." On the local level, with the latest Pigeon updates from Google, seo experts in tirunelveli local rankings will soon be extinct all together.

"Now that Pigeon has caused havoc with local rankings, we've got a huge opportunity to take advantage of the flux and educate our clients that rankings don't equal success," reported Greg Gifford.

The key to real SEO and "page rank" success is consistency. Look at your organic traffic every month and make sure the numbers and flow are still there. Next, evaluate your landing pages and make sure the users are going where you want them to end up. Last, set up tracking to see seo agency in chennai if the user clicks on "get directions" or other types of forms.

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