Good Lessons from the Equifax Hack

Good Lessons from the Equifax Hack

By now, you’re probably aware that Equifax, a credit recording agency, was hacked this summer. Over the course of a month, from mid-May to June, over 143 million Americans were at risk of having their data exposed. The information included: names, social security numbers, addresses, driver’s license numbers and birthdates, according to the FCC report on the issue. 

We want all of our MAXtech clients and future customers to be aware of the breach, but this wasn’t a catastrophic event. It’s not complete identity theft and there is an easy process to see if you were affected: simply to go and it will tell you if your data was compromised. 

The good news is that the Equifax hack served as a nice reminder about personal information and staying on top of your credit rating and score. If you don’t go to the Equifax security site, there are some things you should be doing regularly to ensure the credit you worked so hard to achieve, isn’t washed away by a hacker. 

Check your bank account information. Make sure new credit cards haven’t been opened up in your name. Also, look at the current charges on your cards. A lot of people think thieves are going to try and buy a Ferrari with your credit card—big transactions are flagged. Look for little charges that don’t seem right and make sure you made the purchase. 

Obviously, MAXtech can’t stress enough how important personal and network security is. It goes beyond passwords—your data is being stored on a server. How safe is the server? Who has access? How good is the anti-virus and network security?  

Never compromise your IT security and MAXtech ensures you don’t have to. Let’s chat about the security of your business: 614-401-8800.

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