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Consumer Backlash after Apple Overhypes and Underdelivers at Conference 

After the Apple conference earlier this week, the general consensus was, "Shame on you, Apple."

Apple event camera phone

The new Apple TV was basically a more expensive version of the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and a year late. The new iPhone 6s doesn't offer anything shocking or groundbreaking-it's simply great marketing.

Apple knows that every time they release a new phone, certain consumers "must have it." The new versions of the phone used to actually mean revolutionary new features and functions, like the addition of Siri to the iPhone5. Now, Apple has realized they don't have to do anything except change the numbers next to the model or ad an "s," and they'll make a billion more dollars.

So before you go spend $600 on a new iPhone, or get under the thumb of your cellar carrier because you want to upgrade before you are "eligible," understand you can get the new features without playing Apple's profit-only game.

Over a third of all smartphone use is dedicated to pictures and video. The better camera is the only thing good about the new phone. So instead of spending $600, how about $20?

Check out the Acesori Smartphone Camera Lens Kit that is usually listed for $50, for $20:

It really makes a big difference on picture quality and what you can do with your camera. Do you have an Android? No problem, the lens kit is compatible with Android devices, too.

Get a camera that's better than the new iPhone6 without getting ripped off or needlessly contributing to the world's most profitable corporation.

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