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2015 will come to an end sooner than you think and if your company still doesn't have a presence on Social Media, to say you should "jump on the bandwagon" doesn't even apply anymore. You would have been jumping on the bandwagon circa 2011-12.

Social Media for business is completely mainstream and standard in 2015, with 98 percent of brands active monthly on Twitter, 94 percent on Facebook and 92 percent on YouTube, according to Simply Measured's The State of Social Marketing 2015 Report.

In case you haven't noticed, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, while still the most popular for companies, have plenty of competition. Want to reach a younger audience with consumer products? You need to be on Instagram, Pinterest and possibly even Snapchat/Vine. Is your company B2B? Start networking on LinkedIn!

Simply Measured, which is a social analytics company, compiled a brief 10-question quiz that will determine what Social Media platform you need to focus on in 2016. Click here to take the quiz, then contact us with the result!

At Thoughtwire, we want to take your Social Media strategy to the next level. Re-vitalize your Facebook or Twitter presence with a new ad-set, reach a new audience on a new platform and integrate newer, more high-quality forms of content, all while keeping your marketing message and company values consistent across all platforms! Call now: 800-367-2570. 

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