Sneak Peek the Day Before Apple Conference

Apple's Developers Conference


Want the inside track on the new Apple technology a day before it is released to the public tomorrow? Thoughtwire has the industry connections to give you a sneak peek into what the future of mobile technology is going to look like.

For starters, it all revolves around the new version of the iPhone. Last summer, the new iPhone 6 was a game changer as the screen size finally caught up to the Android and other big-screen devices. The new iPhone will once again have screen size selection and will be similar to the size of the 6.

The focus is not on the operating system this time around. One, users can upgrade to a new iOS anytime, once they have the hardware or device. The new iPhone will have better hardware, including, and most importantly, a better camera for taking pictures and videos.

Another big improvement to the new iPhone will be the touch sensitivity. It used to be that you would touch an icon and that would launch the application. Now, depending on how hard you touch the screen, different functions will be performed.

The new phone also claims to have better security and reliability compared to the previous models.

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