New Hack Leaves Thousands of Sites Vulnerable

New Hack Leaves Thousands of Sites Vulnerable

If you own or maintain a website, you need to know about the latest failure concerning Internet security. It deals with passwords, stolen personal information and browser cookies.

INRIA, one of the more predominant Internet research companies in Europe, just figured out a new way to decrypt areas that were once thought of as safe. 

Chances are you have stored passwords on your home computer, smartphone or tablet. Who wants to put in their username and long password every time? Most of us don’t.  

Passwords are often stored in secret secure cookies. The INRIA is reporting that those cookies aren’t so safe anymore, and as a result, hackers and identity thieves can now gain access to your stored passwords and information. 

The exploit has been labeled, “Sweet32,” and programmers, developers and security monitors dealing with OpenSSL are taking it very seriously. 

The threat exists in 64-bit ciphers, so if you don’t have the most recent version of the VPN software, you could become compromised. 

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