Addicted to Social Media?

No, not you. But then again, maybe it all depends on the definition of addiction and if that need causes harm to your everyday life.

[caption id="attachment_323" align="alignnone" width="256"]Phenyltropane This is your brain on social media.[/caption]

The London Telegraph reported that there are "sure signs" that you are addicted to social media. With their list as a guide, we've Social Media Marketing compiled a social media junkie test. Answer honestly, and if you are an "addict," evaluate whether or not you care.

1. Can you go a meal without checking your phone or status?

2. Do you check your social media profiles right when you get up-before everything else?

3. Do you get caught trying to post when you should be listening, dealing with your family or driving?

4. Do you greet and/or talk to people by their handles or profile names? "Hey, what's up StillinMom'sBasement55?"

5. Do you expect people to know what you are doing and what you've done based solely on what you put online?

6. Do you "like" your own posts?

7. If a major event happens or there's a celebrity death, do you rush to give your take online?


How'd you do on the test? Let us know below.

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