Make the NFL Market for You

Even though no one owns the NFL, the entity itself makes billions of dollars every year. With that in mind, there's no reason why you shouldn't be getting a piece of the marketing pie as well.
Football is here. Are you taking advantage of the marketing opportunities? Football is here. Are you taking advantage of the marketing opportunities? To begin with, search out the local team. If you have locations in multiple cities or states, incorporating the home team is a great way to be found by the web crawlers. You can't just put "go team" on your homepage. Search engines love fresh content, so a new blog or post about the local team will help you there.

Also, search engines are set to specific regions. It's called the geo feature. You can change it in your settings, but most people don't. By putting the home team next to your products or services, you can manipulate the geo results and have your website appear above the competition.

The next thing to consider is running an NFL-based campaign without having to pay for it. Don't surrender to the endless trademark type regulations set by the NFL. Say, "Seattle's football team" not "the Seattle Seahawks." You can use team colors just not their logos.

Last, take your fandom, insight or sports wisdom to social media. Everyone is already talking about the big game-they might as well be doing it on your page.

The most popular sport in America can very easily be used to grow your brand and increase your market online.

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