How to Get an iPhone7

How to Get an iPhone7

It’s finally here—no more waiting, guessing, dealing with a cracked screen or enduring a borrowed phone—you can finally get the much-anticipated iPhone7 this month! 

How can we be so sure? Well, a few of us select media members have been invited to a “secret not so secret” Apple event in San Francisco at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium this coming week.

The “secret” is that the new iPhone 7 will be unveiled to the press along with its slightly enhanced brother, the iPhone 7 Plus. Rumor has it that a new Apple Watch will be on display as well, but no one should really care about that. There’s a good chance that if you wear a smartwatch you are over 60 or under clueless.

Before we get into the new features of the iPhone 7 and how the operating system is going to change how we “draw” on the Internet, let’s start with actually acquiring one for yourself. (We’ve tested the beta version of the new operating system, and it’s amazing. More on that in the next blog. Also, if you are here to read more about how the lack of a headphone jack will ruin your life, sorry—Apple forces the future on you, and the future is wireless.)

Following the big event in San Fran, Apple will begin accepting pre-orders two days later on September 7. Yes, you read that correctly; you can pre-order your phone in less than a week!

The actual procuring of your phone will happen the following week on September 16.

Some quick advice: one, don’t stand in line at the mall or another popular store that carries the new device. Head to a smaller store so you have better access to the employees and checkout options. Two, pre-order so you aren’t starting from square one. Three, beat the rush by going early or near closing time. Four, compromise if they don’t have your color if you really must have it right away.

How was your pre-order experience? Leave your comments below from your new iPhone 7!

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