Local SEO Mistakes to Avoid

With the rise of mobile search engine capabilities, customers are searching for local businesses like never before. So when people in your area search for "XYZ Service near me," how can you be sure that your business shows up? That is where local SEO comes in. By making sure that your business' information is correct and consistent across all sites and directories, you can ensure that your business is being found by potential customers in your area. Here are some common local SEO mistakes that could be hurting your local search rankings.

1. Inconsistent Name

Your business only has one name, so why should it be called anything else online? When you list your company in directories, create social media profiles or run advertisements online, each of these need to have the same exact company name. If you are listed as "XYZ Bakery Co." and "XYZ Bakery Company," your local visibility will suffer. Decide on a company name and stick to that name under all circumstances.

2. Incorrect Address or Phone Number

Maybe you recently moved or perhaps your business is now located where a previous business was. In either case, you need to make certain that your business is the only one shown at your specific address. The same rules apply here as with company naming, too. Pick a very specific address and keep it consistent. It is important to note that some directories will not list a toll-free number primarily. Be sure to include a local number first, then add a toll-free option later. Additionally, some directories will not accept a P.O. Box address. In this case, list your physical address then add a mailing address later.

3. No Categories or Services

Let's say someone searches for "Local Wedding Cake." Now, unlike earlier, they are searching for a specific product instead of a company. If you want "XYZ Bakery Co." to be shown, then you need to make a consistent list of your products and services. It is also extremely important to define your business category. For "XYZ Bakery Co.," they need to specify whether they are a catering company, bakery, wedding shop and so on. Once you have your specific business category decided, keep it consistent across all platforms. This will help make sure that you begin ranking for local products/services searches.

4. Not Going the Extra Mile

So now your business is well defined and search engines should be able to identify you to local searchers. What now? If you want to start dominating your local rankings, there are a few extra steps to take. Firstly, make sure that your website is using schema language to help search engines identify segments of your site. Schema language allows Google to answer questions about your business such as its hours of operation, even if they are not listed on your front page. These steps allow your site's information to be indexed by search engines quicker in some cases. Next, you can work on including your location in you site's titles, URLs, etc. This will put your site at an even greater edge for searches in your area. Lastly, be sure to always link back to your website from directories or social media profiles. These links give your site credibility and will help with search engine rankings.

Is your company's information consistent across the internet? Are you showing up first for local searches? If not, call MAXtech Agency at (800) 367-2570 to get started on your local SEO strategy.

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