Bing Fights On

Just because search is dominated by Google doesn't mean other companies and web crawlers are giving up and conceding the digital empire. Bing is the perfect example of the little search engine that could.


Currently, new interfaces and search engine results page (SERP) layouts are be tested by Bing in hopes that two things will be achieved: one, the user will be able to navigate the web more easily, and two, more people will want to use Bing over other search engine options.

In the test runs, Bing has moved the top navigation below the search box, implemented grey directional arrows and used yellow lines above and on the side of the navigation menus.

"The current design has a solid black top bar with the navigation tucked away there, followed by the search box and then search results. The new design moves that navigation bar down with various interfaces being tested," reported Barry Schwartz.

For the professionals in the search engine optimization (SEO) world and those associated with digital marketing, these changes are significant. But for the average user, one wonders about the impact. How much does the way display results are shown affect what browser you choose? Are you loyal to one search engine? Do you use whatever is the default? Do you refuse to use a certain web crawler? Please leave your thoughts below.

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