Do you have an Email Marketing Strategy?

Email Marketing serves many purposes, depending on the type of your business and your target audience. You can promote upcoming events, send promotional offers and discounts, drive traffic to an online store or social media page and/or connect with prospects, customers and clients, just to name a few.

If your business lacks an effective email marketing strategy, contact Thoughtwire for a solution! Strategies differ based upon your desired objectives, but here are a few ways we promote high engagement and maintain healthy email lists for clients:

Content Creation

Whether it's an infographic (like the one you see below), a video, pictures or well-written content, we put a high emphasis on unique, original content that will grab your audience's attention. We will also work with you to create contests and provide incentive to your audience that grows your list and your presence online.

Voluntary Opt-In Process

The days of buying email lists and targeting random emails are over. Actually, you can still purchase leads and buy email lists, but you run a high risk of having your server blacklisted. Most of your emails will end up in spam folders, your audience won't engage and no one wins.

At Thoughtwire, we use Mail Chimp, which is a permission-based email delivery system. If you're a startup company, Mail Chimp is a great place to start. If you're an established company with an already-built client list, you'll just have to send those folks an email asking them to opt-in to your newsletter. The opt-in process helps keep your bounce rate low, engagement high and ensures that your emails won't end up being flagged as spam.


Through Mail Chimp, we can also integrate your email campaigns with your website and Facebook. Having a sign-up form on those platforms allows your customers and potential customers to easily sign-up to receive your information.


We can also target specific audiences and groups within your email list. For example, if you have five physical locations throughout your state and different offers, events, products and services that are relevant to each one of your locations, we will create specific material that targets those specific audiences.

Analytics and Feedback

Finally, what good is all this work if you don't analyze the results? We'll give you access to the analytics, provide feedback and suggestions, create new strategies based on results and monitor your email campaigns on a weekly basis.

Call us at (800) 367-2570 or contact us here to get started on a highly effective email marketing campaign for your business.

Email Marketing Strategy

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