Why SEO and Marketing go Hand-in-Hand

Hand ShakingIn recent years, marketing departments have been rapidly expanding with technology. We have seen more focus on social media strategists, SEO specialists and content marketers than ever before, but some companies are approaching this incorrectly.

When you begin to think of SEO as a separate department from marketing, then your SEO strategy will fail. The truth is that SEO, social media and content marketing are all different parts of a grand marketing strategy. Your content writers and social media specialists need to understand basic SEO if they want to succeed. Likewise, SEO experts need to have a comprehensive knowledge of social media tactics and content strategies. Each of these areas works to inform the other, and by doing so the entire marketing strategy is more effective.

For example, your SEO team may outline the key words and phrases that your website should rank for. Your content writers will then include those keywords in their titles, subheads and content. Your social media coordinators will use those keywords when promoting your site. Your advertisers will work to place ads on search engines for those keywords and so on.

When it all comes together, then the SEO team works to find new keywords and strategies. By doing this, the efforts of the marketing department are united and more effective. Without support from social media, your website will not receive the authority needed for search rankings. Without keyword-focused content, your blogs won't drive traffic to your site. This is why SEO and marketing should not be treated as separate departments, but instead SEO should be seen as a method of uniting and improving your marketing strategy.

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