Why Every Website Needs Google Analytics

The SEO process

If you are currently running a website, but are completely foreign to Google Analytics, your website is underperforming. Put simply, Google Analytics is possibly the single most important tool in any site owner's arsenal. We aren't here to admire the tools of Google Analytics; however, we are going to explain how tracking your website's data can keep you from missing out on important opportunities.

Understanding Your Real Market

Every business exists to fulfill some sort of want or need. Most business owners believe they have a firm grasp on what their customers want, but the truth is that customers' wants are constantly changing. Let's pretend that you are a catering company who only caters weddings. What if you began tracking the search terms your customers use and discovered that 15 percent of your traffic comes from people searching for "corporate event catering" and other related terms? You would realize that you are alienating 15 percent of your customer base by having a site made exclusively for wedding catering. Understanding what people are searching for gives you a direct line to both current and potential customers.

Maximizing Revenue Opportunities

No matter how your business makes money, your website should exist to help you make money. It is likely that our catering company would have some sort of contact form for visitors to fill out and through those forms, the website is helping to generate revenue. What if you noticed that 50 percent of visitors who began the form left before completing it? You would consider shortening the form or using clear language to maximize the amount of visitors who fill out the form. There are hundreds of ways to maximize revenue opportunities through a website, but you miss out on all of them without Google Analytics.

Seeing the Future of Your Website

By keeping track of your website's visitors, clicks, etc., you are able to spot trends early. For site owners without Google Analytics, there is a huge gap between when customers are/aren't buying and when you notice it. Knowing where your site is and where it should be helps you constantly be aware of how your company is doing. Google Analytics removes the gap between what your customers are/aren't doing and when you know about it.

Even if you have Google Analytics installed on your website, you may not be using it to its full extent. Call MAXtech Agency at (800) 367-2570 to start making the most of your website.

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