Google's Secret Facility

Never start an article with a quote, the rules of writing say.

"Since 2004, Google has of course made a range of big bets…and recently, many of the amazing long-term projects Google[x] is pursuing," wrote Google's head of search Amit Singhal on his + profile.

What's Google[x]? Oh, only a secret facility outside of Mountain View, California, where Google has gathered an elite team of computer-science maniacs to come up with Sci-Fi and future-based technology ideas that would otherwise be laughed out of the boardroom.The secrets of Google are hidden in plain sight. The secrets of Google are hidden in plain sight.[/caption]

One of Google's co-founders, Astro Teller, is the head of the department. Teller's goal is to improve all technology by a power of 10 (hence the name).

Deep inside the facility, inspired by Dr. Emmett Brown and Marty McFly, these creations have been hatched and are now launched:

"Google's self-driving car, Google Glass eyewear that includes a screen and camera, a wind energy company called Makani Power, Google Contact Lenses that monitor blood glucose levels, Project Loon, which provides internet service via balloons in the stratosphere, an artificial neural network for speech recognition and computer vision; and the web of things," as compiled by Wiki.

As for the current projects, no one knows. But if Google has publicly announced that they have made over 890 improvements to their search engine in this year alone, one can only imagine what they've accomplished behind sealed doors.

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