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In the 1980s, when you wanted to make a photocopy of something, it was very common for someone to say, "Xerox it." It was the same if you need to blow your nose. People would say, "Please pass me a Kleenex." In 2014, that same concept of using a brand name in place of the noun or action/verb still exists. For example, when people want to find out something from the Internet, the phrase is, "Google it."


The other big search engines now wish that people start reverting back to the predominant lexicon that existed before Google, such as saying "search it" and things like that. But much like rooting for the local sports team, people get and stay loyal to the web browser they use.

Yahoo and Bing would like you to re-examine your allegiances, and to not just use Google because you have in the past or because it is simple. Easier said than done.

Last month, Yahoo had 3 percent more searches than the previous month. But that is still only a 10 percent market share. comScore reported that there were 18 billion searches in July and that Google accounted for 12.1 billion of them.

So why do you use the browser that you do? Do you have a Google phone and want everything to be succinct? Has your browser always worked for you, so why change? Do you just use whatever default browser is on whatever machine you are using? We'd love to hear what really powers your browser.

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