Don't Black Hat Your Social Media

Most people in the marketing profession understand "Black Hat" SEO practices. Basically, it is doing any action to get a higher search ranking that goes against the guidelines outlined by the web crawlers. While seo agency in madurai the Black Hat war rages on, a new battlefield has emerged-Black Hat Social Media.

"Black hat social media is an attempt to utilize a social media site for some kind of gain, using methods that are outside the social media website's guidelines," reported John E. Lincoln.

Companies are beginning to increase their Social Media Marketing and business presence through "like farming," and plus ones, and retweets and tons of other "buy for validity" practices. The search engines aren't buying it, however, and you're ranking will be punished if they believe you to be participating in Black Social practices.

"Many people speculate that social media shares, likes and interactions will become more important to SEO in the future, so it seems clear that people will try to game the system," reported Lincoln.

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